Mommy Makeover: How The Transfomation Begins By Carmel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons on January 31, 2024

Having a baby is not only a life-changing experience, it's also a body-changing experience.

After childbirth, changes to your body can be difficult to accept. You may have stretch marks or your abdomen may not be as flat as it was before pregnancy. Post-pregnancy fat may be stubborn in some areas and exercise may not make the difference it once did. Your breasts may lose volume and sag. Other body changes from hormones and weight gain may take a toll on your self-confidence.

The mommy makeover is designed to address these concerns and help bring your body back to its pre-pregnancy form. Although "mommy makeover" is a lighthearted term, these surgeries are serious business...often consisting of several procedures done at the same time or in a staged fashion.

The most common procedures included in a mommy makeover are a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and some type of breast surgery. The tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat and can also tighten the underlying muscles that may have been damaged by carrying a child. The options for breast surgeries vary. Some women will have a breast lift, others will opt for a breast augmentation, and some will opt for both. This is a personal decision that the woman and her doctor discuss to ensure the patient gets the outcome they desire.

Options for procedures don't stop there. Depending on each woman's wants and needs, the mommy makeover can be designed to include any of the following:

    Tummy tuck
    Breast augmentation
    Breast lift

When is the right time for a mommy makeover? You should attain a weight close to your pre-pregnancy weight. Ideally, you should have a body mass index under 30 and be at a weight you can maintain.  Moreover, if you plan on having more children, you should not undergo a mommy makeover. Even if you're uncertain, you should wait.

Your baby is a beautiful gift after months of pregnancy. When you're done having children, it might be time to consider a different kind of gift to yourself. A mommy makeover can do more than change your can improve your self-confidence.

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Contact us to schedule a consultation. Carmel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons provides a supportive environment in which you can feel at ease to discuss your goals. Our physicians, Dr. Elizabeth Grasee and Dr. Debra Bergman, will help you decide the best course of action to achieve the desired outcome for your mommy makeover. We are committed to guiding you towards a solution that aligns with your personal preferences and maintains your health.

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