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Breast Augmentation Indianapolis

Breast Augmentation with Implants Overview

The goal of breast augmentation is to increase the fullness and projection of the breast such that it improves the balance in a woman's figure.  At Carmel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons located just north of Indianapolis in Carmel, IN, we will help you fulfill your personal expectations.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation enlarges a woman's breasts through the surgical placement of breast implants. It is a cosmetic procedure performed to fulfill personal expectations or restore the loss of breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy.

The two main types of implants used for breast augmentation are saline and silicone gel. Saline implants are made of smooth silicone shells filled with a sterile saline solution. Should saline implants rupture or leak, the saline is safely absorbed by the body. Silicone gel implants are also made of a smooth silicone shells, however, they are filled with a sterile silicone gel. Both types of implants have been approved by the FDA. What is the difference between silicone and saline breast implants?

There are three common incision sites:

     Around the nipple (periareolar)

     Within the breast fold (inframammary)

     Under the arm (axillary or hidden scar technique)*

*When the incision is made under the arm, the surgeon may use minimally invasive equipment and a small camera to create the pocket for the implant. This is often referred to as the "hidden scar technique".

Implant placement, type, and size will be determined based on your breast anatomy, body type, and desired increase in size. How is implant size determined?

Following surgery, initial healing may include swelling and discomfort that can be controlled with medication. A support bra may be recommended postoperatively. A return to light, normal activities is possible as soon as you feel ready, usually a day or two after surgery. Often, you may return to work within 5-10 days. What are the post breast implant surgery restrictions?


Before and After Images of Breast Augmentation

"I am coming upon a year after my breast augmentation and I love the results. Thanks Dr.Grasee you did a wonderful job and the staff was great. I am very pleased."
- Phyllis

"I was really concerned about being too big or noticeable. I wanted to look natural and not have attention drawn to my improvement. Dr. Bergman understood my concerns and made sure I had the perfect size implants for my body and my desired outcome."
- Christy

Cost of Breast Augmentation

The cost of breast augmentation varies from patient to patient depending on your needs. Our board certified, female plastic surgeons will listen to your needs and goals and help you achieve your desired outcome. The cost will not be determined until you schedule a consultation with one of our Doctors.

The results of breast augmentation are immediately visible. Soon you will be comfortable and confident with your new body. Incision lines will continue to fade over time. However, you should be aware that your breasts may change over time with normal aging. Will I need to have my breast implants replaced after time?

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View our breast augmentation frequently asked questions and then contact our practice today!

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