Breast Augmentation

Many women are unsatisfied with the size and appearance of their breasts.

At Carmel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons, we can increase the fullness and projection of your breasts with implants.

See how breast augmentation at our office serving Indianapolis, IN, can improve your confidence and appearance.

Top Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Increased Volume

Many women are dissatisfied with naturally small breasts or breasts that have lost volume as a result of pregnancy or age. With breast implants, we can increase the breast size to give the body a more balanced proportion. Furthermore, by adding volume to the breasts, the waist often looks thinner by comparison.

Improved Shape

Some women lack fullness in certain areas of the breast which can result in a conical, uneven, splayed, or atrophic appearance. Receiving breast implants can improve your breast shape for a fuller and more symmetrical appearance.

Better-Fitting Clothes

Most bras and bikini tops are made for rounded, perky breasts. Finding undergarments and bathing suits that fit properly or comfortably can be difficult for those who do not have this shape. After adjusting the size and shape of the breasts with implants, you can choose from a broader range of clothing options.

Want to See Our Real Patients' Results?

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Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals At Our Office in Central Indiana

Breast augmentation is one of the most customizable plastic surgery procedures available. That is why it is so important to choose a surgeon who understands your concerns and goals. 

Dr. Debra C. Bergman and Dr. Elizabeth A. Grasee are board-certified plastic surgeons with more than 15 years of experience performing breast augmentations in Indianapolis and Carmel. They can help you choose the best breast implant type and surgical approach needed for your cosmetic goals. 

To explore your options, contact our practice online or call our Carmel plastic surgeon office serving Indianapolis and beyond:

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"I would highly recommend Carmel Cosmetics. Great experience with office staff, very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Grasee helped me improve my body after 150 lb weightloss with a tummy tuck and breast lift in February 2023 and a breast augmentation in June 2023. I am so very pleased with the care provided and absolutely love my results. I appreciate Dr. Grasee and staff for the excellent care and support. I will be back early next year for an arm lift and I am looking forward to it!" Natashia Scheidt

Choosing the Right Implants and Other Factors of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Most of your breast augmentation options depend on the results you want, such as choosing round implants for fuller breasts. Some options work best when matched with certain body types, such as using high-profile breast implants for patients with narrow chests. Other choices are based more on personal preference and have less impact on the visual results, such as the use of saline implants versus silicone implants.

During a consultation at our practice just north of Indianapolis, our surgeons will recommend some surgical options, including the type of breast implant to use, placement of the implants, the incision approach, and other aspects of surgery.

Explore Your Surgical Options With Our Central Indiana Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Bergman and Dr. Grasee can combine procedures like augmentations and lifts to achieve the best results. They can improve the size and shape of your breasts to balance your figure and encourage more a positive body image. We perform breast augmentation at an accredited outpatient surgery center or hospital in the Indianapolis and Carmel area. 

Request a consultation with our skilled and award-winning doctors by calling our office at: 

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"Going into Dr. Bergman’s office for the first time I was extremely self conscious and uncomfortable seeing my own reflection in the mirror. My goals were to always have a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck done as a reward for all of the hard work put into reaching my fitness goals... After surgery I looked in the mirror for the first time and was overwhelmed with emotions because I absolutely loved the woman I saw in the mirror after years of not loving the way I looked. I would highly recommend Dr. Bergman and her team to anyone seeking plastic surgery." Whitney Little

Plastic Surgery Timeline for Breast Augmentations 

Patients see the results before they even leave the building. 
Patients see the results before they even leave the building. 


During your consultation at our Carmel office serving Indianapolis, our surgeons will take your unique anatomy and personal concerns into account. They will encourage you to provide photos of results you like so our team can better understand your cosmetic goals.


Patients will receive general anesthesia from a trained anesthesiologist to minimize any pain or discomfort. We will examine your medical history and medications to determine which form of anesthesia is right for you.


Our surgeons will make incisions according to the approach you chose during the consultation phase. Depending on the approach, our plastic surgeons may use minimally invasive equipment and a small camera to create a pocket for each breast implant.

Implant Placement

After making the incisions, our surgeons will insert the breast implants under the pectoral muscles or between the muscle and breast tissue.

Closing the Incisions

The incisions will be closed with sutures and surgical tape will be applied. The procedure is complete once the incisions are closed.

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Making Your Recovery Easier After Breast Augmentation Surgery

The breast implants will continue to settle in the next several weeks as the surrounding tissue heals around them. Our doctors may provide you with a support bra to aid in recovery. Some patients may experience swelling and discomfort following the surgery, which can be managed with medication. These symptoms should start to fade after the first few days, and many patients can resume light-to-normal activities in a day or two. Most patients can return to work within 5-10 days. 

Breast augmentation patient in a sports bra

Combining a Breast Lift With Breast Augmentation

While many patients in Indianapolis seek breast augmentation as a solution to drooping breasts, the procedure is designed to enhance breast size rather than their position. Our skilled plastic surgeons can combine breast augmentation with a breast lift, which improves the shape in addition to volume. If you are unhappy with the position of your breasts, including any sagging or drooping, we may recommend undergoing a breast lift in combination with augmentation.

"They really did change my life!" Proudly Serving Central Indiana Patients


Kayla linthicum

Carmel, IN


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Dr. Grasee did my tummy tuck, lipo, and breast lift!. She did an amazing job. I’m so happy with my results! My belly button looks amazing and my transformation is crazy! I’m so grateful for her and her team they really did change my life!

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Aimee Compton

Carmel, IN


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If you’re looking for a skilled surgeon with an excellent bedside manner, look no further than Dr. Bergman. The level of care she and her team (special shout-out to Trisha) have provided me during and after my extensive procedure is unmatched. Highly recommend!

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Committed to Surgical Excellence

At Carmel Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons, we are dedicated to excellence. We belong to several prestigious organizations, including:

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