Choosing Your Best Profile By Carmel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons on July 12, 2022

When considering breast augmentation, there are many different implant options. Implants come in different sizes, shapes, materials and textures. To complicate matters even more, there are also different profiles of implants. The following information is presented so you can better understand one of the lesser understood characteristics of implants, the profile.

Implants are available in several different profiles including low profile, moderate profile, moderate plus profile, high profile, and ultra-high profile.

The profile of a breast implant refers to how much an implant projects forward from the chest wall. Implants of the same volume that have different base widths will produce different levels of projection. When examining implants of the same volume, the smaller base width implant will provide greater projection as compared to the implant of the same volume with a wider base width.

Low Profile Implants: These implants are lower in profile and are relatively flat in appearance and minimally project from the chest. This type of implant may be ideal for women with wider chests and do not desire significant projection.

Moderate Profile Implants/ Moderate Profile Plus Implants:  As the name suggests, moderate profile implants and moderate profile plus implants provide more projection compared to low profile implants, but not as much profjection as high profile implants.

High Profile Implants/ Ultra High Profile: This type of implant is the most narrow at the base to provide maximum projection. High profile and ultra high profile implants may be best suited for women who have narrower chests and desire more projection than what the modrate plus profile implants can provide .


Which Implant Profile is Right for Me?

The ideal profile of implant differs from patient to patient based on two considerations: the patient's body proportions and the result they are seeking to achieve.

Body Habitus: The current proportions or figure of the patient should be considered, as the same implant will look completely different on two different women with different chest types. During a pre-operative consultation, Dr. Grasee or Dr. Bergman will take measurements of your chest to anticipate how implants of different profiles will look after the surgery.

Ideal Result: Do you want your breasts to look more subtle or natural? Or would you prefer a fuller or rounder look? Our plastic surgeons will work with you to understand your goals and suggest a profile that will achieve them.

Contact us to to set up a consultation with Dr Grasee or Dr Bergman to discuss breast augmentation and choose the implants best suited for you.

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