The Gray Day By Carmel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons on January 18, 2021

I have been racking my brain to think of reasons to savor this soul-sucking, brain-numbing, energy-sapping procession of dreariness in the Midwest....the gray days of winter.

Many cities in the Midwest average 50 or more days during winter when cloud covers over three-quarters of the sky.  Indianapolis averages 55 days of this type of heavy cloud cover which correlates to 61% of winter days that are blanketed in gray. When the count of cloudy days includes partial cloud cover as well as heavy cloud cover, Indianapolis's total of cloudy days is 73  ---comprising a whopping 81% of our winter days filled at least partially with clouds.

So it seems we better make the most of our gray, winter days as there are seldom any other kind!

Let's "flip the script" and take a dreary, gray day and make it a wonderful excuse to cozy up with a good book or movie. And if we really think about it, we should be grateful that a gray, winter day is at least more temperate than a sun filled, polar votex day with sub zero temperatures. Remember the Polar vortex???  It was dangerous to even venture outside of the house! A gray day may be dismal, but it is safe to leave your living room. Lastly, once we have gotten through the gray days of winter there is sure to be the sunny days of summer ahead.

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