Embrace the Holidays By Carmel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons on December 23, 2019

The holiday season is supposed to be a joyful time meant for hanging out with friends and family. In reality, however, the holidays come filled with stress of all varieties. There are work, family, and friend obligations that all need attention and in the end the holidays can feel more like a burden than a chance to celebrate and enjoy each other. Try and take time to embrace this holiday season.

Holiday stress and coping with holiday stress is a widespread problem. Nearly a quarter of Americans reported feeling “extreme stress” come holiday time, according to a poll by the American Psychological Association. Holiday stress statistics show that up to 69 percent of people are stressed by the feeling of having a “lack of time,” 69 percent are stressed by perceiving a “lack of money,” and 51 percent are stressed out about the “pressure to give or get gifts.”

During holiday time, stress is ratcheted up by a number of factors: lack of money, shopping decisions and deadlines, parties, strained family relations, pressures to please family and friends and have “the perfect” holiday.  The media bombardment of happy, smiling families and friends enjoying holiday festivities only adds to the stress to have the best holiday ever!! There’s also the increased vulnerability to succumb to recent personal losses—the death of a spouse, child, relative or close friend; a divorce; or the breakup of a relationship.

This year take time to reflect on the people in your life and all that you are fortunate enough to have.  Embrace the holidays and give back to those who may be struggling.  Coping with the stress of the holidays is difficult, but with the assistence and strength of family, friends, and co-workers, we can get through it together!! 

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