Mud, Obstacles, Beer By Carmel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons on July 06, 2011

Mudathlon 2011-Mud, Obstacles, Beer

Even after all the time we are together during the week, the staff here still wants to get together on the weekends….amazing!

Given my way, these get-togethers would involve good coffee, good food, and good conversation.  However, The Mudathlon was the brain child of Trisha, our nurse here at Carmel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons.  Obviously, her idea of a good time is calorie free and communication free- unless you count swearing and an occasional prayer to your higher power.  It also involves getting very, very dirty. (And, yes, this does say something about Trisha.)

In the later part of June, Trisha convinced us to tackle the Mudathlon in Anderson, IN.  The Mudathlon is a 5k slog through corn fields, woods, a river, and, ultimately, through mud.  Along the way, approximately 40 obstacles had to be conquered. It was clear to all that those who agreed to participate must have suffered a collective stroke when signing up for this kind of torture.

The Mudder Truckers were born. (Thank you, Jackie, for the team name.) After signing up, we had to sign a waiver that made us swear not to sue anyone if we became disabled, paralyzed, or died. (Oh…Trisha…what have you gotten us into?) Our registration packet included a T-shirt, a race number, a timing chip and a beer mug.  This almost made me laugh out loud. My preparation for this “race” was nil so I was just hoping to survive uninjured.  Who cares about the time???  At least the shirt and beer mug were some things I could actually use.

As race day approached, excitement for the race grew amongst my cohort. For me… not so much. Pictures of the obstacles being constructed were posted on the internet. The never ending monkey bars made me turn away from my computer screen nauseated. (Oh…Trisha…what have you gotten us into?)

Just a week or two prior to the race our fearless captain, Trisha, was diagnosed with a stress fracture of her right hip. Well… at least that is her story and she is sticking to it!  The worst part would be no one on the course to curse.

The morning of race day began at 5:00am so that we could meet at 6:00am at Starbucks prior to leaving as a team to the Mudathlon.  I was going to have my coffee yet!

At the race, we parked near the two ambulances, the fire truck, and the largest tent…the first aid tent, secure in the knowledge we would not be far from life saving therapies. Next, we donned our Mudder gear. Anna was instrumental in schooling us on “mud event attire” as she mud wrestled for a time in her college days. (And, yes, this does say something about Anna.)

1. Wear snug undergarments compression shorts/swimsuit.
2. Go to GoodWill and obtain tight fitting shirt/tank top and long shorts or capris. 
3. Find shoes you never want to see again and duct tape them to your feet. If you can’t duck it, ---- it.

Once appropriately clothed, but not in any way attractive, we were off to the races!!  Anna and Mike, our athletes, set the pace.  Dee and I set off at a safe trot. So much mud, so much fun. Who knew?  (Oh….Trisha, thanks for getting us into the mud.)


So it was over the obstacles---circular hay bales and wooden horses and walls and giant wooden spools and old tires…even over a car.  Then it was through the woods--- over fallen trees and pulling oneself up slick, muddy hills by ropes and throwing oneself down a mud slide.  Grateful to be in water and not mud, the river crossings were welcome prior to our final destination, a 100 yard dash through half a foot of the thickest mud imaginable.  How crystal clear it became as to why our shoes need to be taped on our feet!!

Once we crossed the finish line, we were bestowed medals, but the true reward was the possibility of a shower. The pile of cast off shoes marked the entrance into the make shift showers run by the fire department.

At the end of the day there was only one thing left to say, “See you next year!!”.



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